LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 in Athens, Greece

It is a real pleasure for me to combine my very first post to the The NXT STEP (is EV3, of course!) with the Grand Opening of the most important LEGO event in Greece.

This is the fourth year that the Greek LEGO Market Office organises the "LEGO Festival at The Mall Athens" and of course the LEGO MINDSTORMS product was present in all previous years. Especially last year, MINDSTORMS was the flag-ship product of the event, during which we had the honour to host with his Wall-E and Mike and Dave from UK with their amazing CubeStormer.

This year, is another special year as we're hosting for the very first time in Greece, EV3RSTORM and all his gang R3PTAR, TRACK3R, GRIPP3R and SPIK3R. If you're living in Greece or if you are planning to visit Greece from May, 17 to June, 8 this is a huge opportunity to get in touch and experience this amazing new product.

To tease you a bit more... here is our first picture from our LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 booth were Artemis from the Greek LEGO team is ready to power on EV3RSTORM.

Also, here you'll find the official TV commercial of the event with some neat shots of SPIK3R and TRACK3R:

Kids and adults were really attracted by the coolness of EV3... It was definitely an exciting day! I'll keep you posted on what happens here in Greece with more interesting pictures and videos.

Vassilis (NeXTSTORM) Chryssanthakopoulos from Athens, Greece


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