Sioux.NET on Track: A fully automated train controlled by LEGO® MINDSTORMS and Microsoft .NET

Here's an interesting guest blog entry by Hans Odenthal from Netherlands:
A group of ten enthusiastic colleagues of the Dutch technical software company Sioux Embedded Systems are working in their spare time on a fully automated LEGO® train, called Sioux .NET on Track
The power functions train is controlled by a LEGO® NXT, the Hi-Technic IR Link sensor and Codatex RFID sensor. The LEGO® NXT bricks  themselves are remotely controlled by a PC, using an application written in C#.
The first functional protype has been on display in 2012 at LEGO WORLD in Zwolle (Netherlands).
After that, a new target has been set up for LEGO WORLD 2013, involving improved features like automatic switches and much more.
Some impressive numbers:
  • a total of appr. 2000 hours have been spent for building and programming
  • six NXT bricks are required  for control
  • two trains
  • three switches
  • PUI (Physical User Interface, a new term to indicate the LEGO® Buttons)
  • Codatex RFID tags for train detection
The work in progress can be found at the group's blog and Youtube channel.


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