EV3 preview and source code revealed at OHM2013

Last night at precise 0:00 Xander shared the source code of the EV3 firmware on his blog [botbench]. After a great presentation by Steven Canvin at OHM2013 [link], were he shared with the audience how LEGO decided to work with the community when creating the NXT and EV3 Mindstorms series. Many great examples of HACKs that were converted into products were shown.

At the same time various Education and Retail models were present so the audience could have a hands-on experience and when requested explanation on both software and models was given.

Xander joined the stage and called out to the community to help improve and change the product. He talked to a large group of "hackers and makers" that were eager to get their own hands dirty and work with the EV3 bricks brought especially for this occasion. So if you want and have some experience with coding, join the group and have fun.


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