How to Update your EV3 Firmware

The first EV3 Education sets are shipped, and like with the NXT, also now you can update the Firmware. Until the community created their own firmware versions and other update programs becomes available, we have to use the LEGO software with their build-in solution.

  • start the Home (retail) or Education software
  • select "new project" from the menu bar
  • then select the "tools" menu and in there "firmware update"
  • have brick connected over USB
  • select a firmware in the available firmware list (by clicking it)
  • press the "download" button
  • after successful progress press "close" button

The HELP does refer to a troubleshooting section in the printed User Guide for help on resetting the brick, but when the download fails, (you accidentally unplugged the USB cable) it is possible to reset the Brick as follow (see image). Then follow the steps again to update the firmware.

There are 2 versions of firmware:
  • "EV3 Firmware V1.03E.bin" is the Education version.
  • "EV3 Firmware V1.03H.bin" is the Home (retail) version.

Just google those complete strings bold to find a download.
The main difference is that the Education version has some special code for data logging and if you want to run an experiment (with Education software on the PC/MAC) you will need to have the education version firmware loaded.

Some bricks may be delivered with firmware version 1.00 or 1.01, and advised is to upgrade the firmware first, before you enjoy building and programing.


billb said…
Both my Education EV3s show firmware 1.01H. Any ideas why home firmware was shipped on the Educ core sets?
Robotica said…

I'm not sure why, but could be that all are shipped with H and that you need to update with E yourself.
I have the boxed set, but do I have to wait till sept 1 to get the Home software? Where did you guys get the software?
Robotica said…
as part of the MCP (MINDSTORMS COMMUNITY PROGRAM) we were asked to help LEGO MINDSTORMS and test the product way before release, so we could help finding bugs, and improving the software.

We(MCP) got BETA versions of both EDU and Retail (home) software. If you have an EDU box (45544) you can also buy EDU software. for the free retail software you will have to wait until September the 1st 2013 as on that day it will be released.
Thanks, I figured as much. I bought the box at Legoland, and was quite surprised to see it there. Maybe it was a mistake of the shop. Couldn't be happier, of course.
BobK said…
I am trying to update the firmware on my EV3 education brick and I think I killed it. The screen said updating and then it computer said failed but the screen still said updating. The bar on the computer was doing nothing. So I unplugged and nothing. Then I shut it down and started it back up. Now it seems stuck in starting mode. It has been this way for several minutes. I would appreciate any help. Thanks so much. Bob
BobK said…
I think I killed my EV3 educ. brick by interrupting the firmware update.
The brick screen said updating, but the progress bar on the computer showed none. I unplugged it and seemed stuck in updating mode, so I manually turned it off. It turned off and now I tried starting it up and it stuck in starting mode. Has been this way for several minutest now. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks so much.
Panos said…
I think i found a way to fix the firmware update issue. The steps i followed are:

1.Disconnect the usb
2.Restart Mindstorms software
3.put the brick in updating mode
4.In the mindstorms software, i went to the bottom right corner "available bricks" refresh download>firmware update
8.choose the 1.03H firmware and the download option was active.

it took about 3 minutes to download the new firmware and now my brick is up and running!
Unknown said…
My IR control doesn't seem to be working. The green light turns on, but the IR sensor doesn't receive the signal, however, it works just fine without the remote. Any suggestions?
Unknown said…
I had the same issue attempting the forced firmware update to V1.03H. The reset button sequence will get it stuck on the 'Starting' message; while the firmware update button sequence gets it stuck on 'Updating'. Those are the only options provided in the user guide
Ok, I have solve the Starting.. and Updating.. stuck problem

- quit mindstorms ev3 program
- disconnect usb
- force shutdown ev3 by removing the battery
- open mindstorms ev3 program
- connect usb
- switch on ev3
- this will lead to Starting.. screen again
- don't worry, go to tool -> firmware update
- push the three buttons sequence until ev3 restart, lift your finger which hold the top left button
- the ev3 will show Updating.. on screen
- select download, the firmware will be updated momentarily
Unknown said…
my ev3 firmware update stuck on 97% download
Unknown said…
Thanks Peringgit. This is exactly what I needed. Your instructions were perfect.
It'sMe said…
Mine stuck in updating and when it reach 97% it always stop. I tried it several times but it s always the same on 97%. Any advise?
Anonymous said…
You need to but the EV3 edu software separately, then use update firmware in the ev3 edu software.
Iain said…
Very helpful, one addition which may be obvious - you have to select the firmware version for the Download button to be enabled.

Thanks for the instructions though, I think my batteries ran out during an update!
luke said…
Is it possible to migrate from home to edu now, maybe in the future?
Unknown said…
Hi all!

Unfortunately after following all the proposed solutions above mine EV3 brick does not update.

It is stuck on "Preparing EV3 Brick 100%" and Downloading is at 0% all the time.

Frustrating! Any help?
Robotica said…
You can change the firmware between home and education as much as you want.
There is no overlap/migrate between the Home and Edu software, but you can install both on the same machine.

Right now (24-12-2013) Dave Gilday made a special improved firmware for his MINDCUB3R (1.04M) it is based on the 1.03H with several improvements. (read more on his website.)

Robotica said…
Slaven Pikija did you try all above possible steps ?

- re-download the firmware
- check your USB cable
- ensure full batteries or accu

v1n2 said…
i had exactly the sme issue on my macbook.. i tried the german version, the english version (of the software) but always run to 100% on the left and didn't start at the right..
The EV3 starts only with starting after several attempts.. so i installed the windows Software in a XP-VM running with VMware Fusion... changed the EV3 to manual update with the 3 buttons and updated the firmware with windows.. it completed successful on the first attempt..
Calin Dragos said…
very useful tutorial that help me to write this article
Zed said…
I too have a FW upgrade issue with my new EV3. It currently is loaded with v101H. When I select download the brick screen says updating but the software screen says "no brick detected". I have followed the upgrade sequences in the on screen instructions and tried the recent solutions offered in this forum. Any ideas ?
Cynderella said…
hello,i just bought a lego mindstorm ev3 to my son for his birthday. i was trying to update firmware but unfortunately failed. i try and try the steps above but still unsuccess to turn on the ev3 brick, please advice!

the ev3 brick only keeping showing word updating..
and the ev3 software firmware update dialog box showing progress preparing ev3 brick 0%
downloading 0%
hope can help me to solve this problem, TQ.
Eric said…
about half way through the thread on this link has the solution that worked for me. has to do with removing a Dell app
Anonymous said…
I tried to update firmware and it failed so I reset the ev3 block and now it is stuck on the starting screen! HELP!
Unknown said…
Did you ever get this figured out? I'm Having the same "brick not detected" problem. The Brick is detected for downloading programs, but once we start the firmware download we get the "brick not detected" message.

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