PSA: Issues with Some EV3 Battery Packs

Over the past few days I’ve seen stories regarding the LEGO Education EV3 Battery Pack circulating on the various forums and FB groups. Yesterday LEGO Education released a statement to customers and partners who are affected by this issue, confirming the problem. I’ve put a small excerpt of the statement below. You can download the full text here (zip file with two PDFs): [LINK].

Dear Customer , The LEGO Group prides itself in delivering high quality products and regrets to inform customers of an issue related to the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3rechargeable battery . LEGO Education has identified a circuit error in the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 rechargeable battery . The error does not in any way relate to, or impact the EV3 programmable brick or the charger/transformer. The majority of the batteries that have been distributed do not have this error, but every battery in stock is now being retested to ensure it charges properly before shipping to customers, and new supplies are being sourced.

So in short, the issue is with the pack, not the brick. So for now, just use AA batteries until you can have the pack replaced (read the full letter how-to). Thank you Xander for posting this.


Unknown said…
I have a question: does the EV3 Rechargeable battery pack take up more space than regular AA batteries?
Menno Gorter said…
@ Tristan : yes, but not much.
It only needs a space of 5x11x1 extra. ;-)
So you can use beams beside the small bulb to make better constructions.
Unknown said…
I buy a EV2 Education 2 days ago. I confirm the battery problem, but it is noy the only problem. It does not work the USB connection (and it is not posible to upgrade the firmware due the only way is the USB connection). The software crashes ... ¿It is realy a LEGO product?
Scott Rakestraw said…
We actually experienced this issue. Lego Education was very easy to work with. We reported the issue August 19th and received the replacement 8/30.

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