Last month Rebrick had a contest amongst MCP's. It was simple -- had to be an EV3 robot, could not be one of the bonus models,  public would votes during month of September,  then most likes would wins -- This was not an easy task but 9 prepared MCP's  have managed to treat us with great EV3 creations!

With 39 votes at the end of the competition, our winner is LEGO: EV3ized Dolphin Cruiser by –Vuurzoon, Anika

Congratulation Anika - your integrations of Friends and Mindstorms is once again fabulous.
And congrats also to our runner ups
Mike - this was a super video of your winning design Sticker into Flyer bot!
Philo - thank you for a great additional bonus model complete with BI's (right?)

Check out all the entries below, go click Like on your favorites, who knows,  one days the votes might shift ;) 

Don't miss this and many more stories by SmooreSara on the ReBrick blog

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Menno Gorter said…

The link above goes to the best robot ev3r gallery. ;-)

(Am I awake and do I see an EV3n!ty on this blog?)

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