Bluetooth: NXT in control of EV3

Recently I got this question a lot: " Can I use my NXT as a Bluetooth remote for the EV3 brick? "
The answer is: "Technically it should be possible, practical with the standard firmware not."
The main reason for this is that the firmware software developer of the EV3 never thought of making the code backwards compatible as with all the other LEGO bricks is a mandatory giving in order to pass the quality check, so now it is up to the community to start and think about it to make it work.

One of the first tries is here from Hans Odenthal at Sioux.NET a group of software developers form the Eindhoven based country that do like MINDSTORMS as their after hours projects.

As Hans Explains:
The mailbox mechanism is different for the two bricks, the PC application is therefor needed to convert the messages from the NXT format to the EV3 format. By this means, you can send messages (e.g. if you press a button at the NXT) to the EV3 (e.g. to control a motor). A simple test version is already working: using two buttons at the NXT to control two motors at the EV3.

We now use the PC to link between the NXT and the EV3, I hope one of the communities firmware programers steps up to make this functionality work directly form brick to brick, as I'm sure many of our readers have a NXT and we still would love to use it with the EV3 for building more complex robots then before.


Hans Odenthal said…
Part II is available now... Click here

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