Check it out, Timmyton 5.0 built with one EV3 set

Remember Kyle, the Kid with the Timmyton? 

Well he managed to get his own EV3 set soon after it launched and he's been pretty active with it since. His latest creation is version 5 of his popular Timmyton robot.
Timmyton 5, 
Created by: Builderdude35

He sent me an email to announce he had entered it in the Out Of The Box contest on the MINDSTORMS Community webs site and won! I can see why, this is a very cool looking one kit robot, and has some nice features like a moving fin and jaws.

His robot is very well documented and he offers both Building Instructions and a variety of sample programs to bring it to life!

For example, Program 4, Timmyton Jaws 
This is a simple seeking program, based off of NeXTSTORM's program. It makes the Timmyton 5.0 track down the IR Beacon in an attempt to eat it. All the while, The Timmyton wags his tail and snaps his jaws violently, and plays the famous "Jaws" song.

Really, this is Bonus Model material, go check it out and see for yourself.
Again, congrats Kyle and keep me posted on your next cool MINDSTORMS project.

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Unknown said…
Hilarious! And by the way, is this the first venture to EV3 set?

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