EV3 Segway and more

This is a work in progress of a very stable version by Laurens Valk.

Based on his earlier work, the anyway and the segway for Aplha-Rex2.

See also more information here and here.

The education version made by Lee and with software from Danielle.

The building instructions are available here, but the code is still part of the paid EV3 education version, and I can not just disclose it , (unfortunately).
More information about the education software here

And this is a special Java version, with tux as their model, more information here.


Unknown said…
Can i get Lego ev3 code for the segway in the frst picture? Thanks. Tai.ton@outlook.com
Owen d said…
How do you make it stand with out falling?

Unknown said…
You use a Gyroscopic Sensor to keep it from falling

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