Apr 29, 2013

WALL-E5 on Mars and touched by a star!

On Friday April 26 2013, project LEGO MINDSTORMS WALL-E5 made it to Mars!!!
That's right, NASA had a cool booth at FIRST World Championship 2013 in St-Louis with a full size replica of the Curiosity rover! 

To get him to the NASA booth I got some help from the kids of Packer Collegiate Institute.


We turned little Matt's bad luck of being stuck in a wheel chair into a fun way of transporting Wall-E

Later on that day, back at the LEGO MINDSTORMS booth we got the super visit of Kjeld (yes, the owner of LEGO)

We where honored he joined us for this group picture.

One of them even managed to get his LEGO book signed!!! 

And that gave me the idea to ask if he could...

YES! so now, not only does WALL-E5 has a cool NASA sticker...

he also has an autograph by Kjeld!

I had an awesome time. Thank you Packer kids, thank you LEGO!

: . .

LEGO® MINDSTORMS in the Smithsonian magazine

There's an elaborate article in the new May edition of the Smithsonian magazine on LEGO® MINDSTORMS and its impact on the education of future engineers.

Check it out here.

Apr 25, 2013

XPrize After Earth Challenge

For those who love to compete, but can not wait for the next FLL, WRO or Moonbots 2014 challenge, how about this very special contest, launched by X PRIZE to celebrate the new summer blockbuster "After Earth." Be sure to check out The X PRIZE After Earth Challenge to win a bunch of cool and exciting prizes!

Note this is not the next Moonbots challenge.

Apr 23, 2013

EV3 available at 1st of August?

(C) LEGO Education
For the first time LEGO has offically announced a concrete date for the availability of the new MINDSTORMS product EV3: on the homepage of LEGO Education USA a News entry of today states the 1st of August 2013 as the date when the first sets of the Education version will be shipped to customers.

Apr 17, 2013

Streaming live video from your robot

Anders from MonoBrick.dk has published a nice video on how to use an Android mobile for streaming live videos from your robot:

Have a look at the details on the according post on MonoBrick.

Apr 11, 2013

LEGO® silly walking machines

Detected a nice collection of "LEGO® silly walking machines" created by Mike Rinderknecht 2007 at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the University of Zurich, Switzerland:

Apr 6, 2013

Mr. Crab

There appears to be a new member in the Dutch MINDSTORMS group Vuurzoon, and he's introduced himself with a great NXT model, a NXT crab:

HispaBrick Magazine #16 is out!

(C) HispaBrick
Issue 16 of the Spanish LEGO Fanzine "HispaBrick Magazine" is out.

Next to various courses, tutorials and reviews, the new issue features part XII of the introduction to LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT, an article on WeDo and, most interesting, an interview with World-class Technics builder Isogawa Yoshihito from Japan.

Check it out for free here

Apr 3, 2013


I always feel proud when youngsters rebuild one of my robots and post videos on it to the community.
Have a look at this cool and promising guy who built and programmed my NXTolaus:

Don't forget to check out his new MINDSTORMS (and other stuff) blog at Bricks, Books and More.

Apr 1, 2013

LEGO teams with Microsoft!

Exciting news spreading in the MINDSTORMS community: LEGO has announced a new partnership with Microsoft to tighten integration of the MINDSTORMS series with Microsoft's consumer-leading Windows operation system.
Microsoft's robotics platform Robotics Developer Studio has been integrating support for MINDSTORMS for years, but the new collaboration is expected to go much deeper: as LEGO MINDSTORMS community manager Stefano Calvino already confirmed, Microsoft will publish a port of the company's flagship browser Internet Explorer 10 for LEGO's upcoming MINDSTORMS generation EV3, thus making use of EV3's new WiFi capabilities.

Microsoft innovation lead Antony Foster is quite enthuasiatic about the "endless possibilities of MINDSTORMS running on Windows and vice versa; also a version of our new innovative Windows 8 running on the EV3 brick seems likely now".

There are also rumours on MINDSTORMS-compatible 3rd party sensors for voice recognition, online movie TV on the brick's display and even life-streaming of your robot building process - this way, your friends can watch on IE 10 while you are creating a new MINDSTORMS robot!

The NXT STEP is looking forward to the golden times ahead!

Happy Easter 2013!

Happy Easter to everyone from THE NXT STEP!

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