Sep 30, 2013

Transmitting C#-based messages from PC to EV3 brick (and back)

Here's another guest blogger entry by Hans Odenthal who wrote abut on track some time ago: 

Hans Odenthal has managed to connect the EV3 to a PC and is now able to send messages back and forth between a hand-written PC Application (C#) and the EV3 using Bluetooth. 
Since there is no documentation available on the Internet about the protocol, Hans had to figure out the protocol by reverse engineering the Linux code that is running on the EV3 brick. 

More details can be found on his blog about his train automation project.

Sep 29, 2013

Sep 22, 2013

NETGEAR WMA1100 is the only working WIFI dongle for EV3

At TechnicBRICKs there is also some good information to be found with regards to the EV3.

Here is a re-post about WIFI Dongles and EV3: (thanks Fernando)

Similarly to what happened with BT dongles for NXT, there is a very limited choice regarding working WiFi dongles for EV3. Until someone changes something in the firmware/VM executable there is only one WiFi dongle that will work with the EV3. It is the NetGear WNA1100 (with USB ID 0846:9030).
You can find these dongles at the moment at several sources, and eventually at your local retailer too.

USA (19,95 USD)
Europe (12,99 euro DE, 13,95 euro NL, 11,90 pound, UK) (select your country) then search for "netgear-wma1100"
USA (39,95 USD) LEGO Education (which charges a premium price for reselling this...)

Unfortunately none of the small sized WiFi dongles in the market, or even any other large one like the NetGear dongle, will work!

It has to use a specific Atheros chipset (one supported by the ath9k_htc linux drivers, which limits us to around 20 or fewer devices) and then the VM executable checks for a specific USB device ID (unique to the NetGear dongle) before loading the atheros drivers so no other atheros-based dongle works either. Dongles that use Ralink or Realtek chipsets do not even have driver support in the standard firmware image.

Be aware, before you get to buy something else!...

Sep 19, 2013

EV3 Instagram contest by LEGO® Education

Are you already using LEGO® MINDSTORMS EV3 at school?
If so, take part in a contest run up by LEGO® Education by posting an image or video to Instagram that shows how EV3 has influenced the classes at your school.

From the web site:
From 26 August - 27 September, post an Instagram image or video that illustrates how LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 is changing the science, technology, engineering and math classes at your schools! For example, take a photo of video of the Gyroboy model helping a student or conducting an experiment. Get creative!
Tag your photos and videos with @legoeducation and the hashtag #LearnWithEV3 and they’ll appear on the contest web page. Feel free to add other hashtags to promote your photos and videos. 
Judges will select a winner by 14 October 2013 and announce the best #LearnWithEV3 photos and videos.

Sep 18, 2013

Sudoku-solving robot

Here's a "new twist" in David Gilday's series of LEGO® MINDSTORMS Rubik's Cube solvers: the LEGO® SudoCuber.

Sep 12, 2013

Tutorial for EV3 native programming

Lauro Ojeda posted this tutorial on how to setup, compile and run programs that run natively on the EV3 Brick. The program prints the classic Hello World! greeting on the console. For the latest news on the native support of the EV3 Brick I/O in C language, check the MINDBOARDS Forum and check the BRICXCC page periodically.

Sep 8, 2013

EV3 multimedia tutorial on STEMcentric

Many of our readers may already know the popular multimedia NXT tutorial at STEMcentric.

The author, Dale Yocum, has created an EV3 version now that features a lot of instructive videos on many aspects of the new MINDSTORMS generation.

Check it out!

Sep 6, 2013

EV3 Cube Solver

David Gilday, designer of the NXT Mindcuber bonus model is back with an all new EV3 Rubik’s Cube® solving robot: Mindcub3r. Check out more details and a video [HERE].


A Reader of our blog, Tim,  has sent us a link to a video where he combined the Arduino platform with LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT:

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