Dec 30, 2013

LEGO® MINDSTORMS used for changing batteries of a drone

Yonas Alizadeh, a student at the University of Southern Denmark, has hinted me to a nice project of theirs where they use LEGO® MINDSTORMS as an autonomous platform for exchanging the batteries of a drone:

Dec 29, 2013

Run .NET programs on the EV3

Fellow MCP and guest blogger Anders Søborg from Denmark asked me to share this with you all:

Run .NET programs on the EV3
A few days back I released the first version of the MonoBrick EV3 firmware. With the firmware it is possible to program and debug .NET programs on the EV3. The firmware uses the Mono .NET runtime for program execution which means that programs can be compiled with both Mono and Microsoft .NET – so programs can be developed on Windows, Linux or Mac OS. With the .NET framework you will have a huge library of functions at your disposal – this combined with all the 3rd party library and SDK's that already exists makes the possibilities endless. You can find more information here

Here is a small demo video:

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Dec 25, 2013

Create your own MindCub3r for solving your rubik's(R) cube

David Gilday, did it again !

A one box cube solver, this time made with the EV3 retail box (31313). for those who want to build the next challenge this is a wonderful model, I had the NXT 2.0 version and was already impressed by that one, but now hold your horses, as this new EV3 model is super fast! it solved complex scrambles in about 98 seconds!

For those who want to test, be prepared that although David did a great job, some of the code is and some of the code isn't created with the graphical LEGO EV3-G language and thus the solver code need to be downloaded separately.

He did a great job in creating a 115 page building instruction manual (in PDF format).

David worked hard on explaining all on his website, and if you want to know more or show your own created version, follow him on the Mindcuber FaceBook site.
Enjoy the great 31313, MindCub3r, as a great x-mass present

Dec 24, 2013

Merry Christmas everybody!

The NXT STEP wishes every reader a Merry Christmas!

As some sort of Christmas surprise, check out this awesome life-size LEGO® car, driven by a pneumatic engine:

Dec 15, 2013

What would you do with Bluetooth on EV3?

Farnell, a british supplier of electronic hardware, informed us about a challenge they are hosting in collaboration with Panasonic and LEGO®:
"In collaboration with Panasonic and LEGO, Farnell element14 are giving away a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3. The EV3 is empowered by a Panasonic PAN1325 Classic Bluetooth® Module and we are looking for innovative ideas of how you use the very same Bluetooth Module. 
To enter the competition, entrants are asked to share their projects online: a tweet, a blog post, a video on youtube, anything would do. The ideas that have come in so far include anything from automated coffee machines to servo-driven camera shutters. 
Details about the competition can be found on
The competition is open until 5 January and we also give away 10 vouchers worth £50 each to spend on"
So, what would you do with Bluetooth on EV3?

Dec 12, 2013

EV3 Segway and more

This is a work in progress of a very stable version by Laurens Valk.

Based on his earlier work, the anyway and the segway for Aplha-Rex2.

See also more information here and here.

The education version made by Lee and with software from Danielle.

The building instructions are available here, but the code is still part of the paid EV3 education version, and I can not just disclose it , (unfortunately).
More information about the education software here

And this is a special Java version, with tux as their model, more information here.

Dec 3, 2013

Dexter Industries Sensors for EV3

ev3 sensors for Dexter Industries
Here's some great news,

Dexter Industries sensors for MINDSTORMS are now EV3 compliant!
Right now EV3 blocks for the dPressuredGPS, dLight and dIMU are ready to use and the rest of them are quickly becoming available. Visit their website here for status update and setup instruction.

Interested in finding out how they did this? Make sure to check out the Open-Source repository here on their github repository.

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Dec 1, 2013

Check it out, Timmyton 5.0 built with one EV3 set

Remember Kyle, the Kid with the Timmyton? 

Well he managed to get his own EV3 set soon after it launched and he's been pretty active with it since. His latest creation is version 5 of his popular Timmyton robot.
Timmyton 5, 
Created by: Builderdude35

He sent me an email to announce he had entered it in the Out Of The Box contest on the MINDSTORMS Community webs site and won! I can see why, this is a very cool looking one kit robot, and has some nice features like a moving fin and jaws.

His robot is very well documented and he offers both Building Instructions and a variety of sample programs to bring it to life!

For example, Program 4, Timmyton Jaws 
This is a simple seeking program, based off of NeXTSTORM's program. It makes the Timmyton 5.0 track down the IR Beacon in an attempt to eat it. All the while, The Timmyton wags his tail and snaps his jaws violently, and plays the famous "Jaws" song.

Really, this is Bonus Model material, go check it out and see for yourself.
Again, congrats Kyle and keep me posted on your next cool MINDSTORMS project.

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