Making your own Kuka robot using EV3

Facebook EV3 group member Pi Ksar has shared with us a pretty neat robot arm made out of LEGO MINDSTORMS - I asked him a little bit about himself and describe his project:

Hi, I’m Pawel, 37 married, from Poland

background : electrical engineer
work : global consultant – 270 days per year in travel
hobby : modern technologies, history, traveling

 Always dreaming about having own Kuka style robot. Because of flat space I cannot buy real one. So decision about building my own was made. Why Lego ? Because it’s flexible system and many spare parts available. First attempt was 2 years ago with NXT 2.0 but without luck – I need at least 6 motors to be controlled. So waiting for EV3...

...When EV3 appeared – bought a few sets.

Now available at my workshop :
       4xEV3 unit, 16 servo motors, 8 touch sensors, Gyro, more sensors from sets
       Lego Technic : Unimog, 4x4 RC, large buldoger and few more for parts
       All parts IR : XL motors, remotes, servos

Current robot features :
       6 axis movement
       Compressor and electropneumatic valve for claw installed in robot base

What I want to do soon :

Robot working like KUKA, with all smoothness. Plan is to install Gyro sensor to control claw, to keep it automatically in horizontal position. General robot is made to practice programing. 
One of the application that will be possible is drink making.
To that set will come peristaltic pump (made from Lego) for liquid dosing, glass sorter….will see.

Any other ideas also welcome.
Other videos:

So there you have it, please let us know what you think in the comments below!
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Unknown said…
Great post, baz!
Cynek said…
I'm from Poland too! Yay!
myBlog said…
Do you think you could write a "driver" from Lego Mindstorms to real KUKA Robots when you are provided with a remote access library in C++?

If yes, please contact me at HeinrichMunz(at)

Best regards
AG Lim said…
i've been wondering about building this, as well as a bluetooth-connected remote controller for it. i'm not too worried about the programming, but how would the control interface be designed?

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