Line Follower using EV3

Ahhh the classic challenge of following a black line!  Of course this can be achieve quite simply by using the zig zag method but if you want a high performance line following robot you're going to need a little more math!

Line Following with a PID Controller

Image by:  Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

Luckily Miguel the guy behind The Technic Gear blog has recently published a fantastic tutorial explaining in details how to create a PID controller line following robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3.  

I invite you to follow his tutorial found here With the help of his pseudo code you can write your own line following program or try his program thanks to the supplied EV3 source code.  Remember to give credit to his work if you use part or all of his code in a program for one of your competition or school work. Also do leave a comment here or on his own website about your experience with this tutorial it will mean a lot to him.

Another cool proportional control robot made by Miguel is a Wall Following robot shown here:

Miguel has many other project in mind. For example, he shared with me his intention of doing a two light sensor line follower as well as a tutorial on a self balancer (like Gyro Boy) using the EV3 Gyro Sensor from LEGO.

Don't miss any of his work, be sure to LIKE his Facebook page follow his blog and subscribe to his Youtube Channel

Happy programming :)

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