LEAP Motion and EV3

I pre-ordered a LEAP Motion when I first hear of it and my ultimate goal was to use it with MINDSTORMS but after further thinking and realizing I did not have the programming skills required to pull this off I decided to cancelled my order.

Today I found someone who has successfully manage to combine both.  Dr GermanVargas  from the Department of Mathematics of the College of Coastal Georgia.

The code for his project uses the Leap Motion SDK libraries and the MonoBrick communication libraries to control the EV3 via Bluetooth.

I love the end result and where this technology could go next !!!

Now i feel like getting a LEAP Motion again ;)

: . .


Shea said…
I received a LeapMotion with my laptop. I don't have an EV3 though - are there any people who have managed to integrate the LeapMotion with an NXT brick?

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