RoboCamp MINDSTORMS and WeDo learning courses

"We prepare today's children for tomorrow's world"
is their slogan, and although we (ed. theNXTstep) do not promote a single company, I think it might be worth to have a look at their creative solutions.
you can sign up and test for free....

the RoboCamp CityCAMP Mindstorms EV3 course is a product for children aged 9-14. CityCAMP is developed for young engineers who are keen to learn about technology and robots. During the course they will delve into the secrets of the most innovative technical solutions and will build robots’ models like: a harbour crane, a hoist and automatic dispatching device.
This course includes 12 different models, inspired by the most interesting machines in the modern world.

During the lesson children learn the basics of robotics and programming and enhance their knowledge of mechanics, physics and electronics.
by ordering it you will get 1 year access to 12 interactive lessons that contains complete manuals for building and programming 12 different robot’s models.
Be aware that you must have the following to use these lessons:
  • LEGO Mindstorms EV3 or LEGO Education EV3 set
  • RoboCAMP E-learning teacher's account
  • RoboCAMP E-learning student's accounts
  • Internet conection
But for those who like you can see many interesting videos on their youtube channel.
Like this (education set build) Motorcycle

or this (retail set) harbor crane

just enjoy the models
I think those WeDo and Mindstorms models are a great inspiration, have fun building them!


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