Line Follower Sensor for NXT or EV3 (LineLeader-v2)

MINDSENSORS created a new sensor for the use with the EV3- home and EV3-education software,

On their webpage they state the following:
This is an array of 8 sensors with controlled light source, returning you values of the sensor readings. Your program can then decide if you wish to follow line with it or do something else.

  • Easy to mount on your NXT or EV3 robot facing ground
  • Reporting dark and light pattern from array of 8 sensors
  • Detect and follow a line
  • Write line follower programs with your own decision making
  • Develop your own PID control algorithms or use built in PID control

You can download a sample program and driver blocks for various languages.

Enjoy following the line at high speeds!



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