Here's a guest blog post by lama-mantis:
Tumors arise when there is a mutation in your cells. The cells will duplicate without stopping. This can be dangerous for the human body, and can kill people. It is already possible to remove tumors by cutting them away. But when a tumor is on a difficult to reach place, such as in the brain, the tumor can’t be removed without destroying the brain (and when the brain is destroyed, the person will still die).
I wanted to make it possible to help people with a brain tumor. My idea was to create something that can remove/destroy the tumor from the inside. Because big stuff can’t go into brains, you need a small thing…

My idea was GammaBug, a nanorobot that can remove tumors by using Gamma Rays. Of course, it's not possible to make a nanobot with the MINDSTORMS NXT hardware. So I made a prototype on 'normal' scale by using my NXT 2.0 set. For more info about tumors, how GammaBug removes them and the NXT prototype of GammaBug, see the web site associated to the robot.

GammaBug by lama-mantis


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