Programming EV3 in ANSI C

Today we have a guest blog post by JAsVAp who was active in the area of EV3 programming with C:

"Ever wanted to have a simple way for programming your Lego EV3 in it's native programming language ANSI C? Well now it is possible! I have made an IDE application for it.

Your code will be running super fast as it is compiled to run directly on your CPU and not for an intermediat virtual machine!!!

And the best thing I want to share it with everybody for FREE. You can download it at my temporary website or on my onedrive.

A first version of documentation is included in the program it self ( README.txt ), but it may not be sufficient enough for everbody. When I find some more time I will create some more example project.

Some important features:
  • No need for a firmware upgrade!!! So an EV3 out of the box will do. 
  • Your program can be executed from original Lego EV3 menu on your device!
  • You can setup a Telnet connection ( wifi connection - linux remote terminal ) and start your application in the terminal and even see println outputs!!! ( very handy for debugging )
  • Compile errors will be put in an output window to help you direct you to the line where the error occured!
  • Search with replace possibilities, for easy renaming and more
  • One click compile, download and run your application! 

If a lot of you Lego fanatics love to use my program I will try and create updates on request!

Hope you enjoy it,

Steven Persyn
Alias: JAsVAp"


Stuart said…
Thanks for this Steven. I've been looking for a C/C++ based IDE to try with my class for some time. Brixcc doesn't work with the EV3 robots and can't really flash the firmwire on them because they are used by several teachers, so this should be ideal. Thanks!
Unknown said…
Thank you, really, this is great, i was looking for a environment like RobotC (free of course, because my parents will not pay that much for software) and i found this, great job, and thank you!
Unknown said…
Great Tool! Keep up such a good work!

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