COPA-DATA zenon Challenge 2014

I came across this amazing challenge from COPA-DATA's zenon Visualization/Automation Software called the COPA-DATA zenon Challenge 2014
Meet Dimitri, He is a teacher at VIVES Technical College in Belgium, him and his students have participated in this challenge with an absolutely beautiful LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robot.

"I am a teacher in a Belgium technical university and my class and me are participating in a EV3 Robot competition “the zenon challenge” where we have to make an EV3 robot and program and visualize it with an industrial visualization software package called zenon. Our team is doing very well, but now in the final days of the competition it seems that the public voting system will decide if we end at the first place or the second place." Dimi, the VIVES Automation Team.

VOTE HERE for the DELTA EV3  "The manipulator robot that is on a clear mission" and help them get FIRST place

I don't know about you but my vote for these guys was easy check out their team page

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