Door alarm and sizometer

The French MINDSTORMS community is very productive lately. :)
Today we present another guest blog from France, by Matthieu Desfontaines on two of his creations:

The door alarm of the new Lego Mindstorms EV3 can detect it when somebody comes into your bedroom.
It works with a light sensor along with an ultraviolet sensor. It can be activated or disabled with a badge which you simply have to pass in front of the door lock ! It's really cool, like a real alarm !
The light sensor can detect it when the door is opened or closed ,while the ultraviolet sensor (which works with the remote controle or the badge ) can detect it when you pass the doorway. After activating the door alarm with the badge, every time somebody opens the door, the alarm rings to inform you. You have to disable it with the badge to stop it ringing. The alarm is very small but strong and it is hung on the handle of the door.

The “sizometer” in Lego Mindstorms EV3 can measure how tall are you in just a few seconds ! It works with a gyro sensor, an ultrasonic sensor and a touch sensor. It can estimate your height very quickly and easily. You have to follow the instructions written on the brick screen : 1­ calibrate on the floor ( gyro sensor ) 3­ search the horizontal position ( to get the best measure ) This invention is not very necessary but I think that doctors should use it to save time !

All instructions and programs are available on my website.   Thank for reading it !
Matthieu Desfontaines corrected by Aurelien Mantoni"


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