May 30, 2014

EV3 and Arduino... together!

Here is something pretty cool if you would like to push the EV3 a little further then it is meant too be.

That's right, our friends at Dexter Industries just released a tutorial on how to connect these two devices

Let us know in the comment below if by any chance you have played with this combo already or if this is something you are adding in your bucket list?
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May 27, 2014

NXT Physical Programming

Making robot programming easier for young children: NXT Physical Programming with colored balls, introduced by a couple of teachers students from the Independent Academy for Free School teaching in Denmark.

Incidentally, MCP Mike Brandl had a similar idea some years ago with his Color Programable Car.

May 10, 2014


Today's guest blog post is contributed by DamonMM2000 on his award-winning Sumo robot:
"SumoStorm3r is a sumo robot built by DamonMM2000. 
Just in case you have no idea just what these LEGO® "sumos" do, they participate in battles where the objective is to push the opponent out of a ring with the option to attack with given weapons or tools. So how does SumoStorm3r do it? Simple; keep reading to find out! 
SumoStorm3r is very streamlined and well-armored. It is different from other SumoBots in that it has no weapons or offenses, just one defense: push the opponent out of the ring. The best thing about this extraordinary sumo bot is that only one LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 set was used! 
SumoStorm3r has a unique sensor system. It uses both the EV3 Color Sensor + EV3 InfraRed Sensor. The Color Sensor is safely tucked behind a sturdy front bumper. The Color Sensor senses the black boundaries so that it can turn around safely. 
SumoStorm3r drives with treads. To avert any chance of getting things stuck in it, I covered the treads around with guards. The smooth surface all around prevents SumoStorm3r from getting caught by the opponent's weapons or the opponent itself. SumoStorm3r's chassis is very rigid and strong. The reason treads were chosen over wheels was because of the traction issue. Rubber treads have superior traction, and traction gives it a firm standing against its opponents. 
Recently, SumoStorm3r was chosen Featured Robot on Mindstorms Community (that is the official LEGO Mindstorms website) of the week of April 30-May 5."
See also  DammonMM2000's community profile and a movie on SumoStorm3r.

SumoStorm3r by DamonMM2000

May 8, 2014

RoboCamp MINDSTORMS and WeDo learning courses

"We prepare today's children for tomorrow's world"
is their slogan, and although we (ed. theNXTstep) do not promote a single company, I think it might be worth to have a look at their creative solutions.
you can sign up and test for free....

the RoboCamp CityCAMP Mindstorms EV3 course is a product for children aged 9-14. CityCAMP is developed for young engineers who are keen to learn about technology and robots. During the course they will delve into the secrets of the most innovative technical solutions and will build robots’ models like: a harbour crane, a hoist and automatic dispatching device.
This course includes 12 different models, inspired by the most interesting machines in the modern world.

During the lesson children learn the basics of robotics and programming and enhance their knowledge of mechanics, physics and electronics.
by ordering it you will get 1 year access to 12 interactive lessons that contains complete manuals for building and programming 12 different robot’s models.
Be aware that you must have the following to use these lessons:
  • LEGO Mindstorms EV3 or LEGO Education EV3 set
  • RoboCAMP E-learning teacher's account
  • RoboCAMP E-learning student's accounts
  • Internet conection
But for those who like you can see many interesting videos on their youtube channel.
Like this (education set build) Motorcycle

or this (retail set) harbor crane

just enjoy the models
I think those WeDo and Mindstorms models are a great inspiration, have fun building them!

May 1, 2014

Complix robots

Here's a guest blog post by robot builder lama-mantis who has produced a series of robots on treads. That's what he says about them:
"There are a lot of critical situations where humans can't help. A nuclear disaster is too radioactive, a bomb is to risky, a fire is too heat, etc. But there's still help needed. And when humans can't help, robots do it. They aren't organic, so they can survive high radioactivity. They don't have a life, so it doesn't matter when they explode. They can be made of material that can survive high temperatures, so that they can't melt. 
I, Lama-mantis, built a serie of robot called 'Complix'. They are made for critical situations. My Complix robots are made with the NXT hardware, and the structure is built of TECHNIC pieces. They have treads so that the robots can move over heavy terrain. You can check them out here: 
Robot profiles: 
Some videos: 
Of course, they don't survive big explosions and the plastic will melt in fire. But the Complix robots can inspire other robot engineers to make robots. Maybe a Complix-like robot will save your life in the future!
I hope you like it!"

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