EV3 plotter

2015 starts with a guest blog entry by Ahmad Alkhatib who posts about his EV3 plotter:

"Hello, I'm Ahmad Alkhatib, a TFOL who loves building and programming EV3 robots, and now you'll read about one of the robots that i really worked hard on, SMAK PLOTT3R.

Powered by two Large motors and a Medium motor, along up with a Color sensor and a Touch sensor. This plotter works perfectly, and can be programmed to draw or right almost anything, with a pen! And with some weird decoration :P

A Large motor is used for lifting/lowering the pen, and the other Large motor is used with moving the Writer Unit which includes the two Large motors. For moving the paper, I used the Medium motor which will inject the paper to the desired position when the Color sensor detect's the paper. The Touch sensor detect the position of the Writer Unit by moving the Writer Unit to the left until the Touch sensor is pressed, and then it moves to the desired position. After that, the pen will write/draw as programmed. The programming wasn't that hard, I programmed some letters as My Blocks and then connected them in a single program, another program was drawing some nice shapes which was also easy. Finally, I want to say that I really enjoyed building and programming this robot and I think that it's one of my best masterpieces until now :)

Don't forget to check out my website and my MINDSTORMS Community profile."


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