EV3 lessons

Today we have a guest blog by the founders of EV3Lessons.com:

"We are members of a FIRST LEGO League (FLL) team and the founders of EV3Lessons.com, a website with LEGO Mindstorms EV3 programming tutorials for users of all levels.

We have a complete set of beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons. We have a wide range of lessons from Moving Straight to My Blocks, Proportional Line Followers, Squaring on Lines, Color Line Followers, Calibration, and more.
We continue to add and update the collection of lessons on the site. We are also adding resources that a user might need - such as basic robot build designs, worksheets and discussion guides for use in a classroom.

Who uses our lessons?

The target audience for the lessons is more than FIRST LEGO League
Teams. The lessons are used by thousands of robotics teams, schools, boy scouts, and non-profits in 95 countries. We want our tutorials to be available to users around the world regardless of income level and, therefore, we do not charge for our lessons.

We are adding lesson translations to help the site reach more children globally. The lessons are already translated into Dutch and Portuguese. We are working to add Spanish next month. These translations are completed by volunteers who speak the native language. For example, NXT Generation, an FLL team from the Netherlands, translated the site and lessons into Dutch.

Creating a Collaborative Environment for EV3 Users

In addition, we want to create an environment where other EV3 users (FLL Teams as well as individuals) can share their designs, code and ideas. As a result, EV3Lessons.com has a growing collection of international collaborators. Some of the FLL contributors include NXT Generation from the Netherlands, GEETec and GameTECH from Brazil, The Flying Manatees from Canada, and the Baker’s Dozen from the United States.

You can download our lessons at www.ev3lessons.com. You can reach us at team@ev3lessons.com."


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