New EV3 Video Tutorials

You may know him as the guy who made the Timmyton that amazing shark like bot he brought to MakerFaire NY last year. But now builderdude35 has a new series of EV3 tutorial to present us.

"Hello, everybody! I just wanted to let you all know that I have started a series of EV3 tutorials that I will be posting every Thursday (or Friday) on my YouTube channel, Builderdude35’s MINDSTORMS Creations: 

In these tutorials, I discuss a topic and teach you how to implement it into an EV3 robot. Many of my tutorials are FLL related and aim to give some tips that could help you score more points on the mat. 


You can watch one of my tutorials, “Building Your FLL Robot” right here:


Please don’t be afraid to give me any feedback, and if you know anyone who might benefit from seeing this video, go right ahead and share it with them! I would really appreciate it! You can also suggest future topics!


Thanks for your time, and enjoy! :)



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