Just curious, how many of you are girls?

That was a question asked by Mylène in the EV3 Facebook group page and I was happy to see many women robot makers answered the call. Hobbyist, Teachers, Geek Mom you name it,  in this post I want to honor all the ladies I know who "play" with MINDSTORMS  and hopefully find more that may want to join the fun in the MINDSTORMS Facebook group.

First let me introduce you to Mylène since she is the one who raised the question. Her first project was an interactive poster made especially for the Quebec book fair for a book about heath for children.

DaVinci mark 1

She will be at Quebec's Comicon this October selling some drawing and for that occasion she has another MINDSTORMS project to assist her, she called that one DaVinci mark 1. What a brilliant idea :)

Discover more about her work here https://www.youtube.com/user/PrincessTigerlili

Mike, Martyn and Anika at the German Final WRO2015

Another remarkable lady is Anika Brandsma. 
Building robots as a hobby, teaching robotics as a job and studying mechanical engineering at university. She is very happy to see that there are more and more LEGO MINDSTORMS girls/woman out there.

Anika is also the first women part of the 2015 MINDSTORMS Community Partner group or MCP15 for short. By being part of this group Anika has a chance to inspire many girls by demoing her amazing creations at world events like LEGO WORLD Copenhagen and recently at the World Robotic Olympiad (WRO) Germany Finals.
Here she is with other MCP15 at the German Final WRO2015. For this event she created a remarkable interactive project including LEGO Elves sets and MINDSTORMS EV3.

Asha, Sanjay and Arvind  ;)
Next up is Asha, a mother of 2 boys. Their school did not have any robotics program. They got interested after watching an FLL contest when they were 6 and 8 and when she could not find a team, she started one for them. Now, they play, learn and teach with MINDSTORMS and LEGO every single day!the boys *started* robotics when they were 6 and 8. Now they are 10 and 12.  They then went on doing tutorials and  they are become quite popular. Check out this great resource here http://www.ev3lessons.com/ and their web site

Sonya's owl made with EV3

Another recent #GirlThatLoveRobots is Sonya, she post many of her EV3 creations on the Facebook group. her latest one is a very cute little owl.

And now for a shout out to all the cool geek moms I've met in real life or online, Cynnie C., Angela S., Sara I.,  Annie P., and I hope to get to know many more of you out there soon! 

Jane, Bettina, Maureen and Filippa

I end this post by presenting you a great picture, the Ladies of MINDSTORMS was taken at FIRST Innovation Faire in St-Louis 2015  and represent part of the cool LEGO staff at the MINDSTORMS booth that year.

Ladies, join the community and share you passion with others alike: https://www.facebook.com/groups/legomindstorms/

Oh and if any of you would like to be guest blogger here please do drop us a note ;) 




Linda Wallin said…
I'm another Lego woman! I've been teaching Mindstorm for 10 years, but still wait for the kind of activity that girls will love. Or maybe it's just the colors. No, it's the macho nature of most of the blocks.
Wallin's Wave
Linda Wallin said…
Here's my blog: http://wallinswave.blogspot.com

After teaching Mindstorms for 10 years I am still waiting for some more feminine robotics.
Unknown said…
Exit 5 Robotics, an all girls team in NJ, has been at it for six straight years now. Last year, they spun off a junior team, Exit 5A Robotics, another all girls team, now in their 2nd year.

6 years, 31 girls, 14 teams, 35 competitions (4 international finals), 29 awards (5 at international level).

Google us or like us on Facebook. Or find us on YouTube.
Thanks for your comment and for adding TheNxtStep to your Blog List ;)
Thanks for your comment, I usually tell all boys teams to watch out and not take it lightly when they face an all girls team ;)

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