LEGO SYSTEMS Launches “Are You a LEGO Maker?” Challenge to Transform Ideas into Prototypes

This is the last call. 3 days left to enter your ideas.

(the text below is taken from the press release)

The “Are You a LEGO Maker?” Prototyping Challenge is for makers, ages 13 years and older, from around the United States.

How to apply

Please email your entry to by 11:59 pm July 13, 2015. Your entry should include the following:
  • Name, age
  • Contact information
  • Name of Project/Idea
  • Please tell us in 100 words or less about your idea – are you trying to solve a problem? Innovate on something everyday?
  • Please tell us in 300 words or less why you want a Prototyping Kit to “power up” your innovative process.
  • As part of your entry you must attach one key image to illustrate your idea. This image can be a photograph, computer rendering and/or hand drawn illustration. The resolution must be 300 dpi and not exceed 3MB file.
  • Optional: you may also submit video material to illustrate your entry. Please submit a link to view the video and note that judges may not be able to watch the entire video.
PRIZES:  There will be 50 LEGO® Prototyping Prize Packages awarded, each consisting of:
  • One LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 set (set #31313) (retail value: $349.99)
  • A package of approximately 1000 assorted LEGO bricks and elements (estimated retail value: $75.00)
  • One 30-minute virtual session with a LEGO MINDSTORMS Expert Builder (specific times provided at sponsor discretion) (estimated retail value: $100.00)
  • One copy of The Spirit of Invention: The Story of the Thinkers, Creators, and Dreamers Who Formed Our Nation book (estimated retail value: $29.99).
  • Total approximate retail value of each Prize Package is $554.98.

Make sure you read and understand all the rules and regulation here before you enter -->

It's Friday, you got till Monday

*Your choice of Jon Lazar, Ralph Hempel , Will Gorman , Andrew Milluzzi or Marc-Andre Bazergui :) 


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