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If you use MINDSTORMS in competitions like WRO or FLL you might find this of interest. Please welcome todays guest blogger, Jeffrey from Indonesia,  who will present us his forum dedicated to helping you compete with LEGO robots.

Hi there, I'm Jeffrey from Indonesia and for now I would like to talk about my forum.

This forum has been up since 6 January 2014 and therefore it has been up and going for one and a half years. This forum is initially used to discuss about the Robotics National Competition(RNC), the Indonesian Robotic Olympiad(IRO) and the World Robot Olympiad(WRO). However, in interest of increasing the number of members, we have opened up to FIRST competitions FLL and FTC and RoboCup Junior (both Australian and international version) and we are thinking to open the forum to FRC and Junior FLL if there is a strong demand. In addition to that we also opened up a trading section (often second-hand items, retail items must gain authorisation of your national Lego Education providers) and an area to discuss about Lego Mindstorms. We are also thinking to open up an area to discuss about Arduino. So below, I would like to give some descriptions of some competitions we discuss about.

Robotics National Competition

RNC is a local competition between each and every Robotics Education Centre institution. The tasks are often mission based and the winner may win a free registration to the Indonesian Robotic Olympiad. So we can actually discuss about how are we going to solve the mission in this forum.

Indonesian Robotic Olympiad/World Robot Olympiad
I bet most of you know the WRO competitions right? It's the one that started off in 2004 at Singapore and the one that will be held in Qatar this year. We can also talk about the missions for the regular category, strategies for soccer and we can also give feedbacks (if you post us a video) and ideas for the Open category.

FIRST competitions
I bet most of you know about the FIRST competitions as well. Yes, we provide the same amenities mentioned above for FLL and FTC. I would also like you to talk about the FIRST core values here in this forum.

RoboCup Junior
RoboCup Junior is generally not a Lego Mindstorms competition but for many students, Lego Mindstorms is actually a popular base robot to compete with in this competition. We accommodate the international version and the Australian version (that's where I was born by the way) of this competition and I suggest you to take a video for the Dance category.

So that's pretty much it. So please gear up in RNC-IRO-WRO, FIRST and RoboCup Junior Discussions. The forum URL is rncirowro.boards.net and I would really thank you for your attention. We can address language issues in our forum by typing in your own language in the forum and we'll work it out. 

If you do want to contact me, please do so at the forum PM or jeffrey.jahja7@gmail.com in either English, Chinese, Indonesian or German.

If you would like to be a guest blogger don't hesitate to contact us (see link on the right side bar)



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