The People and Places of MINDSTORMS

Members of the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Facebook Group have been invited to enter their location so that we may build a map of the People and Places of MINDSTORMS. A month later we can start to get a good idea of who's who and where on earth is the MINDSTORMS community!

Have fun exploring and connecting with  MINDSTORMS experts from around the world, don't hesitate to join us on  Facebook or share your passion via comments on this blog or use the following hashtag on  Instagram when sharing your amazing robots:

You and your EV3 robot:  #EV3selfie #ROBOTMAK3R
Your amazing robot: #MINDSTORMS #EV3 #LEGO
At a cool event?  #MINDSTORMSMAGIC 
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Simon Burfield said…
Dude how come you missed me off :( sad times

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