Exhibit B: DANC3R by Arthur Sacek, Brazil

Arthur Sacek is a product designer and lives in São Paulo, Brazil. Since 2001 he has been developing LEGO models and educational programs for Brazilian schools. He also have a technology school, where he supports kids to create their own inventions.

Arthur is member of the MINDSTORMS Community Partner (MCP) group in which was held the first ROBOT REMIX challenge. Arthur successfully remixed it into a robot dancer.

31313 + 42040 = DANC3R

Here are some pictures showing the engineering details of this build and proof of concept.

Arthur wowed us all with his preliminary sketches

Front view of DANC3R

Rear view of DANC3R

Hope you enjoyed this ROBOT REMIX, please feel free to comment and share this project.  To see more of Arthur’s work, visit
Learn all about the ROBOT REMIX #1 in the story posted earlier this week.
 Stay tuned next week for more information on LUCKY CAT, Exhibit C.

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