Exhibit A: HELICOPT3R by Yoshihito Isogawa, Japan

Yoshihito is the author of the LEGO Technic Idea Book series and the recent LEGO MINDSTORMS Idea Book. He lives in Tokyo, Japan and regularly holds LEGO workshops, lectures at schools and science museums, and creates LEGO for events and exhibitions. Yoshihito is also member of the MINDSTORMS Community Partner (MCP) group in which was held the first ROBOT REMIX challenge. Yoshihito successfully remixed it into a helicopter simulator.

31313 + 42040 = HELICOPT3R

Here are some pictures showing the engineering details of this build and proof of concept.

And now a few high resolution picture showing the main components of this ROBOTREMIX.
The complete HELICOPT3R and EV3 assembly balances on this axle.

Color sensor detects the position of the landing pad.

The HELICOPT3R on its landing pad.
Hope you enjoyed this ROBOT REMIX, please feel free to comment and share this project.  To see more of Yoshihito’s work, visit

Learn all about the ROBOT REMIX #1 in the story posted earlier this week.
Stay tuned next week for more information on DANC3R, Exhibit B.

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Pogesz said…
I have built it, awesome! Thank you Yoshihito!

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