Exhibit C: LUCKY CAT by Robin Dai, China

For this post,  learn a little bit more about Robin thanks to his fun self introductory text:

Hi, This is Robin, from Shanghai, China. You may already notice my older face. Yes, I’m 56 and have been serving in Shanghai Police for more than 30 years. Fortunately, I still have chance to spend my leisure on exploring the amazing Lego cosmos for recent 10 years. I am so honor to be a member of MCP15. And as a lucky participant, the first thing I want to share with you all is that the Robot Remix is such a smart and exciting idea. I have been gladly struggling in utilizing and combining two sets as much as I can for several weeks. We have an idiom in China, saying "To throw a brick for a jade back" It's quite similar with your English one is "To throw out a minnow to catch a whale". Hope you like my creation and will have a whale of a time at your own remix exploration.

31313 + 42040 = LUCKY CAT

Here are some pictures showing the engineering details of this build and proof of concept.

Hope you enjoyed this ROBOT REMIX, please feel free to comment and share this project.  To see more of Robin’s work, visit
Learn all about the ROBOT REMIX #1 in the story posted earlier this week.

 Stay tuned next week for the full story behind, Exhibit D, perhaps a challenge awaits you ;)

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Unknown said…
Small error on this page. links to Arthur Sacek's channel.

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