The MINDSTORMS Community Partners (MCP) are at it again. Remix #1 was such a great success that the MINDSTORMS Team  decided to challenge the MCP's once again with a robot remix. The challenge this time,  to imagine what type of creative combination models could be made using only parts from the LEGO MINDSTORMS (31313) set and the newly launched LEGO TECHNIC Mine Loader (42049).

The ROBOT REMIX #2 is a mix between the Mine Loader (42049) and the EV3 (31313) sets.

The goal of this creative concept is to show the cool stuff possible remixing your LEGO TECHNIC set along with the MINDSTORMS robotic kit. There were lots of great ideas from the MCP group, but 4 ideas where finally chosen to receive a set to get started exploring the combination. The final and awesome creations by Joe (USA), Guilherme (Brazil), Mike (Austria) and Alexandre (Portugal) are shown below!

Joe Meno's amazing Great Ball Contraption - GB-EV3

Guilherme Constantino's  transformer - GRAB-EV3

Mike Brandl's super animatronic - MONK3Y HEAD

And the 4th one came in a bit late but was worth the wait,

Alexandre's Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) GAM3

Between now and the rest of the month, these remixes will be shared and discussed on the LEGO MINDSTORMS Facebook Group  where we want to hear your opinions:  Which of the ROBOTREMIX models do you feel most inspired to build?

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