By Thomas Madeya 

My contribution to #robotremix3 is TOW3R, named after the puzzle game “Tower of HanoiIf you don’t know the game you should learn about it first from 

I use the tires from both sets to create discs of different diameter. TOW3R moves them around according to the rules of the game. Here are first photos I tooto discuss the idea even before the actual build started 

My first sketches for TOW3R already showed the key construction concepts: 
  • Turntable driven by one motor to rotate to three different positions 
  • Second motor to move the arm up/down 
  • Third motor to open/close the claw  
However, the ideas I had for the sensors did not turn out to be effective. The final model uses the color sensor to detect the position of the turntable, while the touch sensor detects when the arm reaches the up-most position. 
Here is a video to TOW3R performing the minimal number of moves to solve the “Tower of Hanoi” puzzle game. 

It took me several iterations of building and programming to get to the final model. Especially grabbing tires of different size with have more sensors and LEGO pieces at hand was a big challenge. 
If you would like to learn more about how I solved that and several other challenges, please download the full story. Moreover, you can also download the EV3 project file. 

TOW3R.EV3 (LEGO MINDSTORMS project file)

Building instructions are not available yet, but are planned to be created soon.

You can contact me at 


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