CoderZ, an online learning environment for MINDSTORMS robotics

Guest blogger Arie Elbelman talks to us about a cool MINDSTORMS related product;

CoderZ: Bringing robotics to every student in the world

CoderZ is an online learning environment where kids learn how to program virtual and real robots within the STEM pathways. Problem-solving, critical thinking, computational thinking, teamwork, self-paced learning, formative assessment, robotics, classroom engagement: CoderZ includes all of these concepts and more. 

Discovering different new ways to engage the new generations with robotics and with STEM related fields becomes a bigger challenge everyday. That is why, tools like CoderZ are being developed to give teachers, educators, and robotics experts the possibility to take a deep breath.
CoderZ’s new version, which is now compatible with the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 (you can download your code through Lejos), enables students to program their own cyber-robot while acquiring 21st-century skills. Delivered with the “Coding Robots” curriculum, co-developed by Intelitek and Mr. Gary Garber, CoderZ becomes an scalable and effective way for students with different levels to experience the robotics world in class, and outside of it.

CoderZ has several gamified missions, motivating kids to accomplish them in order to move to a harder level. Also, CoderZ has a class management tool for teachers, coaches and mentors to track each student or team member progress and activity.

Starting with a friendly drag-and-drop Blockly visual editor, kids progress to code their virtual robot using Java. But if your team members or students already knows how to program in Java, they can start right away with it and complete the missions only using the text editor.

Recently, the CoderZ team added to their previous FTC, First Tech Challenge, version, the new version mentioned before, which is compatible with the EV3 brick. Right now, and in order for you to try it, the CoderZ team is offering a 14-day free trial which you can sign up for here.

Want to hear something cool? The CoderZ online learning environment even gives you the option of driving and programming your virtual robot on the moon, taking into consideration friction and gravity. And of course, increasing the kids’ engagement with the robotics world. Although, for now, kids’ won’t be able to try their robot on the moon after they download the program, but who knows what Elon Musk will create in the next few years. 

Pay some atención! CoderZ’s STEM learning environment is available both in English and in Español… Si señor!

Learn more about CoderZ at

Readers of The NXT Step you can request your free trial here.

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