Saphiro: The Blue Dragon - Robot Remix #4

Saphiro, the Blue Dragon
by Anton Vanhoucke

Meet Saphiro, the Mighty Blue Dragon! It was built from the LEGO MINDSTORMS 31313 set and the Air Race Jet 42066 set for the # ROBOTREMIX4 contest.

It all started with a small sketch submitted for the competition.

The completed model is 83 cm long and 63 cm wide and weighs 1.4 kg. The model was designed in 20-30 hours and contains 813 LEGO bricks. Creating an LDD and EV3 file took another 16 hours.

The final model remained fairly close to original sketch.

In addition to the dragon, a rotating platform was also built from the pieces in the two sets to showcase the model. You can see Saphiro in action, along with the rotating platform in this video.

You can control the dragon with the IR remote. The programming is fairly simple. The most complex aspect of this creation was the walking, since the left and right legs must be synchronized. Unfortunately, after walking just a few steps, the legs usually get unsynchronized. Therefore, the programming includes a timer that resyncs the legs every 10 seconds when no buttons are pressed. Watch the video below for some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of the making of Saphiro.


You can build Saphiro too. Download the Studio 2.0 and the EV3 program file.

Hope you enjoy constructing and playing with Saphiro.


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