Holidays with MINDSTORMS

MINDSTORMS is a versatile platform that allows for infinite creativity. Many users have great fun incorporating MINDSTORMS into holiday traditions. You can use your MINDSTORMS set to decorate eggs, serve candy, play songs, and even write holiday cards.

With Easter holidays coming, here are a few ideas for Easter-related builds and several more to inspire you for the rest of the year too!

Decorate with Ease

JK Brickworks uses the MINDSTORMS set as an egg decorating tool. Pick your design and you are ready to go! This is a great addition to your Easter celebration. Build Instructions are available here.

Spring into some Fun!

How about serving candy to guests with this BOOST bunny for Easter? 

Create Holiday Decoration

Ahmad Sahar re-imagines the MINDSTORMS 31313 set into a witch for Halloween. Imagine surprising trick-or-treaters who come to your door with this witch riding a broom!

Play Music

You can use multiple MINDSTORMS sets to create generate music and entertain guests for Christmas. In this video Damien Kee uses three MINDSTORMS sets to play a Christmas carol. He uses Bluetooth to communicate between the bricks. You can adapt this design to celebrate any holiday!

Automate Holiday Cards

Sanjay and Arvind Seshan use multiple MINDSTORMS sets to automate the process of creating Holiday Cards. Watch the video to see a helpful machine that even Santa could use!

If you create a holiday-themed robot, be sure to share it with us on the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Group.


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