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MINDSTORMS Formula 1 Racecar

Enter the world of Formula 1 with your own MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor racecar!

Watch the video below to see Ahmad Sahar (Malaysia) build a racecar in just a few minutes. Using the elements from one set, he shapes his robot into a working racecar. He brings the car to life using the Robot Inventor App to program a remote control for the vehicle.

Now, you can build your own racecar and test it out at the next Grand Prix!

You can create many variations of this car with just one Robot Inventor set. For your inspiration, take a look at two more Formula 1 racecars created by the MINDSTORMS fan community.

Get in the zone with this Formula 1 race car on the right built by Nino Guba (USA). It features motorized drive and steering with differential, exposed engine with moving pistons, an aerodynamic design and detailing all around. Aside from being remote-controlled with the LEGO MINDSTORMS mobile app or compatible wireless controller, it is capable of full autonomous driving using the light/color sensor and the optional ultrasonic sensor for object avoidance maneuvers.  There also added play features such as the raised turntable platform and quick-release car jack while your race car is in the pit.  The race car measures 10 cm high, 38 cm long, and 19 cm wide.


The F1 Racer on the left is made by Dave Parker (USA)​. The car features pivoting front wheels and two rear drive motors. A key component in this model is the synchronization between the rear wheels with the front steering which enables improved turning.










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